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Sam Rashkin, chief architect, building technologies office, at the Department of Energy explains the advantages of SIP construction,here.

We have two 60’ x 120’ finished building lots available in Linwood, KS. Call for pricing and details.

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SIPsmart founder, Michael Morley, wrote the definitive book of the SIP industry, “Building with Structural Insulated Panels”, Taunton Press.  Find out more by clicking on the cover


Welcome to SIPsmart Building Systems, Inc.

At SIPsmart we believe that architecture and building science can be integrated with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to produce High Performance buildings in the residential and light commercial fields. There is no better way to resist the forces of nature and save energy than to build the structural/thermal envelope of the building with SIPs.

SIPsmart is the most experienced SIP provider in the Midwest. We are proud to represent Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc. Extreme’s state of the art production facilities are located in Cottonwood, MN. The plant features a seamless production line from one button panel lamination to the latest generation of Hundegger PBA processor.

Our ARCX designs are a unique application of SIP technology and advanced geodesics to produce true geodesic domes or hybrid buildings that are like nothing else on the market. Click here to learn more about ARCX.


See SIPsmart Kit Homes here.


Sarah Susanka FAIA has long been fascinated by the success of the Sears Kit Homes of the early 20th century. Several years ago, she began scheming with Michael Morley -- friend, colleague, fellow author, and an expert in Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) construction methods -- to create a smaller but better home for today's homebuilding market that could be purchased as a SIPs kit.

Sarah is proud to announce that the first Not So Big Bungalow SIPs Kit Home is now available for purchase. The plans for this 1,600 sf house are highly detailed, and delineate all the "Not So Big" features and characteristics. The kit provides all the parts required to create the structural / thermal building envelope), minus the doors and windows.

The Not So Big Bungalow SIPs Kit



A 36’ diameter ARCX home on a 48” riser provides style and space. See more on our ARCX page.

Hear Meg Retersdorf talk about her SIPsmart home.

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