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Octagon House

DeSoto Residence

Westside Edge

Copper Modern

Lakeview Addition

Prairie Style Home

New Lawrence Victorian

Vinland Walkout

Rock Ledge Curve

Buckner Modern

KCK Modern

Wright Home

Backus Residence


Creede Building

Babel Building

Seven Bridges Clubhouse

Ensign Storage

Maryville Airport

Internet Cafe

Kay's Garden

An airport master plan was developed in 2003 to make improvements to the facilities with the goal of providing important resources to travelers from outside the immediate area. Such resources include a proper landing area, transportation into town, accessibility to weather information, fueling facilities, comfortable resting areas, and a friendly staff.

Recently the Northwest Regional Airport was granted $460,000 in federal funding from the U. S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in order to build a new terminal building. Construction of the facility began in January 2005 and the basic structure was completed in January 2007. New furnishing for the terminal arrived in February, and the existing electronic weather equipment will be moved to the facility shortly. The terminal building will be complete with staffing, an after-hours pilot’s lounge, convenient weather accessibility and a meeting room that can also be scheduled for community activities.