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Octagon House

DeSoto Residence

Westside Edge

Copper Modern

Lakeview Addition

Prairie Style Home

New Lawrence Victorian

Vinland Walkout

Rock Ledge Curve

Buckner Modern

KCK Modern

Wright Home

Backus Residence


Creede Building

Babel Building

Seven Bridges Clubhouse

Ensign Storage

Maryville Airport

Internet Cafe

Kay's Garden

This new 3,600 sq. ft. building was designed and built within four months to meet an IRS deadline. A SIP building was the only way to meet this schedule. Michael Morley drafted a plan for this office and shop space in Crede, Colorado. A crew from Lawrence arrived amid raging forest fires to start the job. In twelve days the shell was completed and the IRS mollified. The cross gable design pays homage to the old train stations found across the West. The industrial setting for the building gives it a prominent location upon entering Creede.