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Prairie Home

Prairie Home

The Prairie Home offers open spaces and energy efficiency in a compact
package. The Structural Insulated Panel design is rugged as well as beautiful. The home has over 2,700 sq. ft. of living space as either a full basement or a walkout. Four large bedrooms plus a flexible office space fits the wide open prairie as well as in a suburban setting. 
SIPsmart kits come ready to assemble with pre-cut SIP panels, infill lumber & headers as well as all the screws, glue, expanding foam and accessories you will need to erect the thermal/structural shell of the building.


SIPsmart Package Includes
Shop Drawings
Pre-cut SIPs w/ electrical chases
6 1/2" SIP walls (R-26)
8 1/4" SIP roof (R-33)
Visual Grade Glulam beams
Infill lumber & headers
Panel glue & screws
Expanding foam & gun
House wrap & seam tape