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--A SIP house is a comfortable, healthy and safe home.  Tight construction eliminates the places molds thrive and keep out contaminants. Easy control of temperature and humidity through HEPA and HRV technologies means real economical comfort.

--The SIP system is three times as strong as stick construction.  Real world disaster resistance is well documented.  The quiet strength is apparent when in a SIP home.

--The SIP system is fast.  This shortened cycle means builders can build more buildings.  Subs love to work in comfortable, plumb and level buildings.

--SIPs are environmentally friendly. A SIP building uses 40% less wood fiber than goes into a traditionally framed structure. No offgassing of materials adds to best interior air quality.

--SIP structures are extremely energy efficient.  We can prove this and can offer a three year warranty on heating and cooling costs.  Labs tests by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory show that a SIP building is 10 times as airtight its stick framed counterpart.

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