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ARCX 29-1


The ARCX 29 kit is a true geodesic structure and comes as a hemisphere. The 29’ diameter ARCX offers a floor area of 630 sq. ft. The 60 easy to assemble precision cut SIP triangles can only go together one way--the right way. Each triangle weighs less than 75# and the building can be assembled without heavy equipment. The kits come complete with all plates and opening lumber, expanding foam w/ gun, SIP caulk, 22 gauge steel splines and fasteners. The kits come with architectural plans and elevations. Engineering stamps can be applied to the drawing set for additional cost.




The TTH is a 29’ ARCX with 48” risers and a 12’ center extension. It encloses 1,480 sq. ft. This 3 bedroom / 2 bath home was built in 2012.